Edinburgh Pet Health Center

Lending Library Available

Edinburgh Pet Health Center maintains a lending library for our established clients. Please peruse our selections and feel free to check out those that interest you!

Animals in Translation by Grandin & Johnson
Animals Make us Human, by Temple Grandin
Barking The Sound of a Language by Turid Rugaas
Canine Body Language by Brenda Aloff
The Cautious Canine by McConnell, Patricia B., PH.
Chase! by Clarrisa von Reinhardt
Chill out Fido by Arthur, Nan Kene’
Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog by Parsons, Emma
Doctor Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book by Dunbar, Dr. Ian
Dog Perfect Second Edition by Hodgson, Sarah
Dogs Are From Neptune by Donaldson, Jean
Feeling Outnumbered? by London, Karen, McConnell, Patricia
Feisty Fido by McConnell,Ph.D. & London,Ph.D.
Fight by Donaldson, Jean
Help for your Fearful Dog by Wilde, Nicole
How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford & Neil
How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong by Dennison, Pamla
Mine! A practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs by Donaldson, Jean
No Bad Dogs by Woodhouse, Barbara
Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker by Donaldson, Jean
Perfect Puppy, The by Hart D.V.M & Hart
Scaredy Dog, Understand & Rehabilitate your Reactive dog by Brown, M.Ed., DPDT, Ali
Simple Guide to Getting Active, The by Bonham, Margaret H.
Stress in Dogs by Scholz, Martina & von Reinhardt,
What Is My Dog Thinking by Bailey, Gwen
Your Outta Control Adopted Dog by Adamson, Eve


An Eye For A Dog by Cole, Robert W.
Born To Win; Breed to Succeed by Craige, Patricia
Breeding Better Dogs, Fifth Edition by Battaglia, Carmelo L., Ph.D.
Canine Reproduction by Holst, Phyllis
Control of Canine Genetic Diseases by Padgett, George A., DVM
Dog Breeding As A Fine Art by Fernandez, Amy
Dogsteps - A New Look by Elliott, Rachel Paige
Genetics by Isabell, Jackie
K9 Structure & Terminology by Gilbert & Brown
Puppy Development by Hastings and Rouse
Puppy Intensive Care w/dvd by Savant-Harris, Myra
Reaching For The Stars by Williams, Mary Roslin
Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type by Beauchamp, Richard
The Whelping and Rearing of Puppies, The by Lee, Muriel P.

Dog Care by Revolution
Ultimate Dog Grooming by Eileen Geeson

Dear Mrs. LaRue by Teague, Mark

General Interest
97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile by Langbehn, Jenny
All Color Book of Cats by Towe & Metcalf
All Creatures Great and Small by Herriot, James
All Things Bright and Beautiful by Herriot, James
All Things Wise and Wonderful by Herriot, James
Animal Antics by Lund, John
Artful Cat, The by Bryant, Mark
Bawa Kowka by Richards, Dorothy Silkstone
Belgian Sheepdogs by Turnquist, Marge
The Book of The Cat by Summit Books
The Boxer by Boneham, Ph.D., Sheila Webiter
The Burmese Cat by Richards, Dorothy Silkstone
Cat by Clutton-Brock, Juliet
Cat Facts by Schneck & Caravan
Cat Stories by Herriot, James
Cat Stories by Cara, Roger
The Cat Who Had 14 Tales by Braun, Lilian Jackson
Catfantastic by Norton & Greenberg
Cats by Wratten, Peggy
Cats by Wong, Alice and Tabori, Lena
Cats and Kittens (Nature library of color) by Crescent
Catwatching by Morris, Desmond
Chicken Soup For The Cat & Dog Lover’s Soul by Canfield, Hansen, Becker DVM, Kline
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul by Canfield, Hansen, Becker DVM, Kline
Chosen Puppy, The by Benjamin, Carol Lea
The Company Of Animals by McKie, Ronald
Complete Cat Book, The by Cutts, Paddy
The Complete Cat Owner’s Manual by Page, Susie
The Complete Dog Book: 19th Edition by The American Kennel Club
Creative Canine Photography by Allan, Larry
Dog Heraldry by Martin, Mia
Dog Jack by Biros, Florence`
Dog Message by Ballner, MaryJean
Dog Stories by Herriot, James
The Dog Who Loved Too Much by Dodman, Dr. Nicholas
Dogs by Alderton, David
Dogs by Simon & Schuster
Dogs Don’t Bite by Weinstein & Barber
Dogs In Color by Cathay Books, Ltd.
Dogs Never Lie About Love by Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff
Dogs of the Cariboo and Other Stories by Gentry, Mary
Dogwatching by Morris, Desmond
Encyclopedia of The Cat, The by Pollark, Michael
English Cat at Home, The by Sturgis, Mathew
English Setters: A Completer Pet Owner’s Manual by Rugh, Karla, S.
Every Dog Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner Duno, Steve
For the Love of a Dog by McConnell, Ph.D., Patricia B.
The German Shepherd Today by Strickland, Winifred and Moses, James
The Healing Power of Pets by Becker, Dr. Marty
How to Photograph Dogs by Ridley, Nick
How to Raise and Train a Shetland Sheepdog by Miller, Evelyn
Hugs for Pet Lovers by Robertson, Korie & Willie
If A Lion Could Talk by Budiansky, Stephen
If Only They Could Speak by Dodman, Nicholas H.
Kaki by Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Kindred Spirits by Schoen D.V.M., M.S., Allen M.
Kittens As A New Pet by Walls, Jerry G.
Labrador Retrievers: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Kern, Kerry
Legacy Of The Dog by Yamazaki & Kojima
Legacy Of The Puppy by Nakano, Fukuda & Ueki
Love Heels by Dibsie, Patricia
The Love of Cats by Metcalf, Christine
The Love of Dogs by Boorer, Wendy and others
Love of Labs by Berger, Todd R.
My Cat Spit McGee by Morris, Willie
The New Cat Handbook by Muller, Ulrike
The New Natural Cat by Frazier, Anitra
The New Shetland Sheepdog Riddle, Maxwell
New Work of Dogs, The by Katz, Jon
The Other End Of The Leash by McConnell, Ph.D., Patricia B.
Pack of Two by Knapp, Caroline
Paws To Consider by Kilcommons & Wilson
Pet Food Politics by Marion Nestle
Pet’s Letters to God by Baird, David
PhoDography by Levin, Kim
Poetry For Cats by Beard, Henry
The Purrfect Companion by Wright, H. Norman
The Rabbit Handbook by Gendron, Karen
The Real James Herriot by Wight, Jim
Red by Fay, Barbara
The Right Dog For You by Tortora, Ph.D., Daniel F.
Second Chances, More Tales of Found Dogs by Lufkin, Elise
Shelter Cats by Commings, Karen
Sheltie Talk by McKinney, Rieseberg
Shetland Sheepdogs: A Completer Pet Owner’s Manual by Sucher, Jaime J.
The Tiny String of Pearls by Fay, Barbara
The Tribe Of Tiger by Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall
What Dogs Teach Us by Dromgoole, Glenn
What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life by Anderson, Niki
What My Dog Has Taught Me About Life by Stanley, Gary
Where the Cats Meditate by Taylor, David
Why We Really Love Dogs by Levin, Kim
World of Cats, The by Sayer, Angela
Yorkshire Terriers by Jackson, Janet
Zen Dog by Tucker, Toni & Adler, Judith
Zoo vet by Taylor, David


Health Care
Cat Care by Revolution
Cat First Aid Be Red Cross Ready by Staywell
Dog First Aid Be Red Cross Ready by Staywell
The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats by Shojai, Amy D.
McCall’s Complete Family Guide to Puppy & Dog Care by Trayford, D.V.M. & Hall
The Simple Guide to a Healthy Dog by Adamson, Eve

All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat by Becker, Suzy
Catitude by Montaquila, Christine
Cats by Kavet, Herbert I.
Cat’s Letters To Santa by Adler, Bill
Catwings by Le Guin, Ursula K.
Catwings Return by Le Guin, Ursula K.
Dear Tabby, Feline Advice on Love, Life, & the Pursuit of Mice by Rutledge, Leigh W.
Everyday Mutts by McDonnell, Patrick
Jane On Her Own by Le Guin, Ursula K.
My Cat’s Not Fat, He’s Just Big-Boned by Hollander, Nicole
My Dog’s Brain by Huneck, Stephen
The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons by New Yorker
Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings by Le Guin, Ursula K.

Pet Loss
A Final Act of Caring by Montgomery, Mary & Herb
Animals on the Other Side by Brown, Sylvia & Dufrense, Chris
Blessing the Bridge by Reynolds, Rita
The Fall of the Freddie the Leaf by Buscaglia, Leo
Good Dog. Stay. by Quindlen, Anna
Good-bye My Friend by Montgomery, Mary & Herb
Goodbye, Friend by Kowalski, Gary
The Loss of a Pet by Sife, Wallace Ph.D.
The Next Place by Hanson, Warren
Our Special Garden: Understanding Cremation by Carney, Karen L.
Pets Living with Cancer by Downing, Robin
Saying Good-Bye To The Pet You Love by Greene, Ph.D. & Landis
Sleeping With Angels by Cunningham, Alan Blain
Souls of Animals, The by Kowalski, Gary
The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Viorst, Judith
When Friendship Lives Beyond the Stars by Sugar, Amy Dr.
When Your Pet Dies by Quackenbush & Graveline
Picture Book
Dogtionary by Montrose, Sharon

Click To Win by Pryor, Karen
The Finishing Touch by SeRine, Steve
New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling by Green & Migliorini
Positive training for Show Dogs by Ronchette, Vicki
Show Me! by Coile, D. Caroline
Tricks of the Trade by Hastings and Rouse

Sport Training
Agility Start to Finish by Bauman, Diane
Agility Success by Steinker, M.Ed., Angelica
Agility Training by Simmons-Moake, Jane
Conquering Ring Nerves by Peters Mayer, Diane
Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment by Hutchins, Jim
Excelling at Dog Agility: Book 1 by Simmons-Moake, Jane
Excelling at Dog Agility: Book 2 by Simmons-Moake, Jane


Beyond Fetch by Coile, D. Caroline
Biting by White, Linda
Chewing by White, Linda
Click & Play Agility by Steinker, Angelica
Control Unleashed by McDevitt, Leslie
Culture Clash, The by Donaldson, Jean
The Dog Trainer’s Resource by Blake, Mychelle E.
Dog Tricks by Rombold Zeigenfuse, Mary Ann
Don’t Shoot The Dog by Pryor, Karen
Excelling at Dog Agility: Book 3 by Simmons-Moake, Jane
Focus Not Fear by Brown, Ali
How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend by The Monks of New Skete
How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Yin, Sophia DVM
In Focus by Jones, Deborah, PH.D., Keller, Judy
Introduction to Dog Agility by Bonham, Margaret H.
Jumping by White, Linda
Jumping from A to Z by Zink, M. Christine/Daniels , Julie
Little Dogs by Wood, Deborah
Loved Dog, The by Geller, Tamar
My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? by Rugaas, Turid
New Complete Dog Training Manual by Fogle DVM, Bruce
Obedience by White, Linda
Parenting your Dog by King, Trish
Play Together, Stay Together by London, Karen and McConnell, Patricia
Potty & Crate Training by White, Linda
The Power of Positive Dog Training by Miller, Pat
Shaping Success by Garrett, Susan
The Simple Guide to Dog Training by Philbin, Tom
Smart Trainers Brilliant Dogs by Lewis, Janet R
The Thinking Dog-Crossover to Clicker Training by Fisher, Gail
Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age by London, Karen, McConnell, Patricia


The American Kennel Club Video Series by AKC
Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You by Rugaas, Turid
Click & Treat Training Kit by Wilkes, Gary
Doggie Repair Kit by Wilkes, Gary
Dogsteps - What to Look for in a Dog by Elliott, Rachel Paige
Gentle Leader Way (DVD) by Premier
Gentle Leader Way (VHS) by Premier
Gentle Leader, Step by Step Training Video by Premier
Home Again: The Adventures of Dot by Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp.
Puppy Puzzle by Dogfolk Enterprises
Show Handling I - Basic by Sonnen Productions